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"Can you smell what [Liv’s] cooking in this scene? I know I can. And it smells like a cream cheese and mayonnaise sandwich on Wonder Bread."

Master Class: How to Emote Like Liv Tyler



When the group went to find Mina, and her father killed the main vampire (whatever) and all the other dead vampire chicks went down, Mina didn’t


I thought they laid it out pretty obviously when Mina had Vanessa. She told them all that she was taking Vanessa back to be the Master’s bride and that they all would be under his sway.

And since John Logan specifically named her “Mina Murray” she was likely controlled by Dracula, he just hasn’t made an appearance, yet. And he’ll likely look like a proper, if slightly off kilter, Victorian gentleman next year. Not a tall, thin gray guy with bright red eyes.

Although making Robert Nairne Dracula would be a nice way to reward him for having to wear that awful makeup all season playing every single giant gray Egyptian vampire.

Penny Dreadful 1.8: “Grand Guignol”


Penny Dreadful 1.8 recap:

[Ethan] begs off because he “doesn’t take tobacco,” but neither does Vanessa, wink wink, nudge nudge. Cheeba cheeba, choom choom.


ethan: *starts chanting in latin to exorcise vanessa’s demon*

demon: …i came out to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

When worlds collide and one show I recap (RuPaul’s Drag Race) has become a joke in the other (Penny Dreadful.)

therowan said: I liked your thoughts. I also thought it was possibly Caliban, and if you read my post maybe it was me! And I'm happy about that. I was also thinking about what Ethan said about being in New Mexico. The Navajo in New Mexico have a long and rich tradition of SkinWalkers, humans who are cursed for their misdeeds with the ability to transform into beasts. Just a passing thought. I'm back to my cards now. See you in the Demimonde

Thanks, and I follow the Penny Dreadful tag, which is where I saw the post, but forgot to follow. But your name looks very familiar, so I’m pretty certain it was yours.

It was the thought that Caliban might have been the killer that got me to thinking about who Ethan was if he isn’t a werewolf which led me to think he’s actually Amun-Ra. But we’ll see tonight. I will say that I rewatched the second episode and while there’s a silhouette of a man in the fog near where the old man was lighting the gaslights, it doesn’t appear to be Ethan’s. He looks like he’s wearing a long coat, but no hat.

I hadn’t thought about Skin Walkers as much as I thought of the mystic qualities of New Mexico, and how he could be a mystic or shaman. But I like the idea of him being a SkinWalker, too, since they’re all being supernaturally punished in some way for whatever their misdeeds are.

Thanks for following up. Now I’ll go back and credit you.

Predictions for Penny Dreadful finale

Having watched, rewatched, read about and recapped the season, I have thoughts on what’s going to happen in the finale. I haven’t been following any spoilers so I haven’t an actual clue what’s going to happen, but my thoughts tend to ramble so if you’re interested in my ideas, follow along after the jump.

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you don’t know about Penny Dreadful costumes. SIMPLY AMAZING!!!
(from top) Pierre Auguste-Renoir, “La Loge,” 1874, Berthe Morisot, “Woman at Her Toilette,” 1875/80, and Pierre Auguste-Renoir, “Woman in a Lace Blouse,” 1869.


you don’t know about Penny Dreadful costumes. SIMPLY AMAZING!!!

(from top) Pierre Auguste-Renoir, “La Loge,” 1874, Berthe Morisot, “Woman at Her Toilette,” 1875/80, and Pierre Auguste-Renoir, “Woman in a Lace Blouse,” 1869.

Penny Dreadful 1.7: “Possession”

Penny Dreadful 1.7 recap:

I’m an American with guns and I know where you live.



Adam in the book claims to be a vegetarian. We don’t see him eat on-screen, as it were, but he does describe eating berries and tubers.

I wonder if Caliban’s a vegetarian in Penny Dreadful, then. If he is I would originally have thought he’d have a hard time of it, but I’ve found sites like this and this that show vegetarianism was actually fairly popular at this period in time.

Caliban eats the souls of the viewing audience with his pernicious boringness.

Who knew they’d have so much bro chemistry?

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Penny Dreadful 1.6: “What Death Can Join Together”

Penny Dreadful 1.6 recap:

Go ahead, Victor. Put your tiny hand in his.

"I never wanted to be well-rounded, and I do not admire well-rounded people nor their work. So far as I can see, nothing good in the world has ever been done by well-rounded people. The good work is done by people with jagged, broken edges, because those edges cut things and leave an imprint, a design."

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He taught me how to write.

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Penny Dreadful 1.5: “Closer Than Sisters”


Penny Dreadful 1.5 recap:

Somewhere in London, Dorian got a tingle.

Penny Dreadful 1.4: “Demimonde”

Penny Dreadful 1.4 recap:

Guppy Face